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About Us

Social responsibility, ethics and sustainability

Logo Inhouse GmbH

In a world that is growing together, one expects more from a company than just day-to-day business. Despite the fact that commercial success is inevitable for the sustainable safeguarding of the future as well as the prosperity growth of society, companies – whether big or small – are asked to do more than that.

With this in mind, we put forth on effort to act socially responsible and regulate our objectives that can be described along our company’s philosophy as following:

  • Supply of high quality products
  • Socially responsible acting in a community (We are acknowledged as training company by the IHK)
  • Contribution to development and support of a sustainability-oriented society
  • Active contribution to environmental protection (As a energy-intensive producing company we obtain half of the power consumption from our own solar power system)

We feel certain to fulfill these requirements among others with our German manufacturing location. However, there have to be constant efforts to work on the set goals and to achieve even better results by increasing qualification within the company.

Eystrup, August 2018